The Ministry of Agriculture has created the “National is Sustainable” price observatory, given the increase in the costs of production factors and the inflationary trend in food goods.

“The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Maria do Céu Antunes, determined the creation of the 'National is Sustainable' price observatory, which will have the mission of evaluating the impacts of the market situation on prices at the consumer level”, said the ministry in a statement.

This observatory also aims to monitor costs and prices in the agri-food value chain, given the increase in production factors, resulting in an “inflationary trend” in food. For the executive, it is “essential to guarantee the full functioning” of agri-food, in order to ensure adequate supply to consumers and that the remuneration of production factors for farmers allows “the achievement of fair income levels in order to maintain their activity”.

The “National is Sustainable” price observatory will create, in the start-up phase, a pilot project with products representing the food basket, “which will allow knowledge of the prices of these products at all stages of value formation”.