“I have an open, tolerant and plural position [in relation to bullfighting], but that is not reflected in fiscal policy options”, said Pedro Adão e Silva in parliament.

In response to the interventions of Chega and PAN, two parties with totally opposite positions in relation to bullfighting, Pedro Adão e Silva said that the Government does not intend to lower the 23% VAT applied to bullfighting, but that it should not intervene in this practice either.

“I am very much in line with the Portuguese in common sense, wisdom and balance. […] Don't count on me to censor the cultural practices and tastes of others and make definitive judgments”, said Pedro Adão e Silva.

The minister stated that he is not a bullfighting fan, but said that one should “respect the way others look at Culture”.

The minister thus underlined a position he called “tolerance” towards bullfighting, in contrast to his predecessor, Graça Fonseca, who went so far as to say that it was “a matter of civilization”.

For Pedro Adão e Silva, there is space for the representation of the political positions of PAN and Chega “and in the middle there are the Portuguese”, who do not go to bullfights, but do not want to prevent others from going.

“It doesn't cross our minds to stop the Portuguese. The state does not support bullfighting in any way, and it is not a matter the state should meddle in,” he underlined.