The self-sabotage Illusion

Make sure that you CONGRATULATE yourself on your self-sabotage!!! This is a realisation that can be life altering. Self-sabotage is an umbrella term for someone who identifies as damaging their own opportunity whether in career, relationships, or personal development. It hides a whole stream of uncomfortable deep-rooted painful behaviors and patterns. It is not real but an illusion, a belief that harms and creates blockage to the true self. The acknowledgement that you identify as a self-saboteur is itself a realisation and powerful step in behavioural responsibility. Acknowledging that you have an issue is a declaration that puts transformation into action. A sacred contract, if you wish, that you are now dedicated to change.

Self-sabotage is FAKE NEWS!!

The reality is that self-sabotage is when old beliefs and patterns conflict with the growing version of yourself. Your habits and behaviors have not adjusted to your growth; YET.

Self-Sabotage is a label of harmful excuses you use for not giving yourself the best you deserve. What appears to be damage inflicted upon oneself often needs to be understood at a deeper level and be explored if the patterns are to be challenged and permanently changed. To break this, you must go on a journey of self-discovery and truth by tackling what enables your perceived self-destruction. This method works for all negative false identity creations.

It is not on purpose but by default

We do not deliberately work do destroy ourselves. Your brain is attempting to make sense of things to protect you, not to harm you. We are not designed to destruct but to survive. We do not intentionally damage our own opportunities for fulfilment. We just misunderstand ourselves. We function from a place of coping mechanisms and self-limiting beliefs. We project trauma and fear into places that it does not belong and subsequently infect the situation with unconscious toxic sewage. If self-sabotage is a constant part of your narrative, then it is helpful to look at how it fits in with your beliefs, values, and identity. Do not let mental limitations become part of who you are. This is not a way to function happily nor productively.

Accountability, Change and Patterns

The reality is that if you are aware of negative behaviours then you are already creating a position to be accountable from and change it. The self-sabotage narrative is your own personal enabler. To escape the drama, you must work on your mindset and relationship to action and transformation. Ask yourself what you can do differently, instead of what you are doing wrong. Do not settle for tired stories and tales of woe. It is boring and damaging! Be dedicated, read books, find people who know how to guide you. Educate yourself and find a community of positive people. Ask for help and be excited by failure, never fear failure as it is a gift. Be more afraid not to live than to fail. Living life in full colour includes failure. Beyond the harmful pattern of self-sabotage is personal growth that will empower radical transformation. If you have the awareness to recognize it, then you have the power to change it. Look at limiting beliefs, values, identity and do soul-work, get in alignment with your purpose, be of service, and open your heart to the joys of higher living.

The Reality: Procrastination, Low Self-Worth, and Pain Avoidance

Self-sabotage is a justification that limits real potential. It is a cruel cycle of denial and pain. Choosing the illusion will result in frustration, sadness, anger, and anxiety. Procrastination is a huge factor in self-sabotage. Facing reality around the reasons you use to support procrastination will release you from a self-made entrapment. You will be free to upscale and upgrade your life. Self-sabotage is usually hiding low-self-worth. Low self-worth comes from trauma or un-met childhood needs. This can be crippling so work it out with therapy, coaching, spirituality or another effective method, there are many. Self-sabotage story enables people to take an easy way out. There is no easy way out, it is just a loop of pain-avoidance which ultimately catches up and creates massive internal disruption. The point of self-development is to learn to love and trust yourself so that you can take divine guidance and walk in the light of the Universe. Free from painful programming and misdirection life takes on new meaning.

You get out what you put in

Self-reflection and commitment to change is the first step on an enlightened journey to joy and freedom. Personal and spiritual development is not always easy, yet it is so rewarding that the primary desired outcome fades as the journey awakens you to who you really are.

Get aligned with truth; You are a child of divine light, and nothing can dampen your spirit. As you connect to the power of the Universe you will be loved and supported on this crazy trip back to the true self. Enjoy the ride!!! It is the most fun of all the awakenings. Alignment with truth is a story of self-love where you recognize your true worth and start living accordingly. Once you know your true worth you will be free.

Mindset shifts for overcoming illusions of self-defeat begins by recognizing you are not limiting labels like self-sabotage. Start with affirmations like “I am what I decide to be. I am eternal strength of love and light and will act accordingly”.