Cryptocurrency excelled during 2021, and while the market is currently going through a bearish moment, there are a few cryptocurrencies that are climbing high. One new contender on the scene is Mountanaz (MNAZ), and this crypto is hoping to compete with crypto legends Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX).

SOLong! Said Solana in 2021.

In the 11 months preceding December 2020, SOL climbed a mouth-watering 240,000%. Solana is in no way a meme or hype coin, but it certainly intrigued the minds of the cryptocurrency community. The blockchain announced impressive partnerships throughout 2021 - from DeFi to the metaverse to web 3.0 - bringing the potential that early investors saw in the project into fruition.

SOL partnerships:

  • Brave - Used Solana’s system to build a truly immersive web 3.0 styled browser capable of supporting 42 million users.
  • FTX partnered with Solana to build their new decentralised exchange (DEX), Serum.

Of course, the list doesn't end here, and Solana continues to forge new partnerships and alliances at every turn. You don’t need more proof than this to guarantee its success looking forward.

Currently down 70% from its high in November 2021, SOL offers a rare opportunity to get involved in a project with a fantastic crypto community at a relatively low price.

Will Mountanaz Create An Avalanche Of Its Own?

After all, avalanches only occur in the Mountains. Mountanazwill act as a cross-chain DeFi protocol for borrowing and lending, staking and bridging blockchains together. With a solid tokenomic structure, it is hard to criticise the fundamentals of this project without going through it with a fine-tooth comb.

MNAZ is still yet to embark on its global marketing campaign. However, the developers are emphasising user adoption; with this in mind, it is difficult to see anything but a large crypto community developing behind the token.

MNAZ has only just begun its presale phase. It would be wise to keep it on your radar for the foreseeable future.

The growing icicle in the Avalanche community.

Avalanche is the fastest-growing DeFi orientated Layer 1 by Total Value Locked (TVL). So it isn't difficult to see how it quickly amassed a large crypto community by mixing high levels of decentralisation with low transaction costs and fees.

There is little competition that can compare to Avalanche’s immeasurable power. The acronym Solanavax formed a huge cult following on Twitter recently, forever linking AVAX with two of the most successful and highly valued projects in crypto - Terra Luna and Solana. Not a bad pairing.

AVAX will forever be compared to the likes of LUNA and SOL. But many would say this is a small price to pay for the great marketing and brand awareness this brings to the project. In addition, LUNA recently announced it would be adding $100 million in AVAX to its currency reserves, establishing a firm partnership between the two projects. Currently down 60% from its high in November, Avalanche offers another great opportunity to grab a bargain of a sure winner in the future of DeFi.