Built on top of the Solana (SOL) blockchain, the project hosts 10,000 unique NFTs with the aim of supporting mental health, education, and eco-villages. Solana (SOL)’s leading NFT marketplace Magic Eden launchpad is in partnership with the project, helping to prove its legitimacy.

How is ‘Sirens’ promoting crypto to women?

Alexis Ren first discovered crypto herself in 2017 and has gradually dabbled in investments since then. This base knowledge inspired her to help girls and women get into crypto early, hoping to ‘demystify’ the crypto world for women. She is now a Web3 entrepreneur with a vision to fulfil Web3’s promise of building a utopian world for her community.


Growing up in Hawaii, Ren has a deep affinity for the sea, inspiring her to create this utopian underwater universe. Following her mother’s career as a holistic health nutritionist, Ren wants this community to focus on wellness. As a result, she wants ‘Sirens’ to differ from other NFT projects by being entirely community and mental health-focused. Therefore, this project aims to create a welcoming and safe space for women to enter crypto.

In an interview with Forbes, Ren was asked what advice she’d give to women who were interested in getting involved in Web3. She said that women should ‘start early and start where you are. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Mistakes will be part of the journey, so fall in love with the idea of trial and error’.

On Sirens Twitter they state that only 16% of NFT sales are by women and that this project hopes to provide a long-term solution to this gender inequality in crypto. In order to narrow the gender gap, Sirens has an extensive roadmap that eventually leads to real-life eco-housing built on land that has already been purchased in Texas. With this project, Ren hopes to bridge the gap between the online NFT landscape and the real world, materialising the Sirens online community into a physical space.

The long-term impact of ‘Sirens’

Alexis Ren, Allie Michelle, and Nicole Behnam are the three co-founders of Sirens. With their combined expertise (covering a range of bases from Web3 advice to founding We Are Warriors) it’s hopeful that this project will hugely impact the crypto landscape for women.

This provides some hope for the new coin Parody (PARO). This is a presale coin, meaning that it hasn’t launched yet. Parody (PARO) will have an NFT marketplace specifically for Parody NFTs. Based on the work being done by Ren and her co-founders, there’s hope that Parody (PARO) will have made some progress on the small 16% of NFT sales being done by women that previous marketplaces have seen.

Parody Coin (PARO)

Presale: https://presale.parodycoin.io/register

Website: https://parodycoin.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/PARODYCOIN_OFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParodyCoin

Links: https://cryptonews.net/news/nft/7008637/