There are currently more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies globally, with more projects being released as time goes on. Consequently, the vastness of the metaverse has, in some ways, added to the dilemma of knowing the best crypto project to invest in.

On the other hand, NFT, which comes after the massive success of cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. Currently, there is virtually no social media feed where someone is not talking about this new phenomenon. Many people have enhanced their financial status by investing in promising NFT projects. Take a look at APE coin, The Sandbox, and PancakeSwap. However, three emerging projects will possibly rival the previous NFT mentioned.

This article will look at the three most exciting projects in NFT today.


The goal of CashFi (CFI) is to create an ecosystem where the peer-to-peer translation of NFTs and cryptocurrency can be decentralized, transparent, and more secure for individuals entering the NFT space. There is no denying that NFT has been one of the significant contributors to Blockchain technology, especially in 2021, with NFT sales grossing up to $17.6 billion. Consequently, more people are getting involved in Web 3.0, blockchain technology, and NFT. This is why CashFi, as a network, aims to ensure that users can create an NFT marketplace where transparency, security, and decentralization can be the mantra.

With the prospects of this cross-chain system for the translation of NFT, CashFi NFTs will be immutable. Users will utilize a standard hash to unify each NFT across several chains. Furthermore, to promote privacy, the users will not be able to use the mutation of their CFI NFT on any other chain. CashFi also seeks to reduce energy consumption and hefty gas fees that many NFT users are accustomed to when investing in new projects.


This is a Web 3.0 application designed to help people earn while exercising. The goal is to promote a social and healthy lifestyle among users while creating an awareness of how much people can achieve using blockchain technology. GMT was one of the highest-grossing tokens in 2022, with an increase of 2000%, making a lot of people take notice. You might be wondering how you start earning on the app?

Once you have downloaded the STEPN app, you will need to connect your wallet and transfer Solana (SOL) to start your journey. This crypto will help you purchase the NFT sneakers used to start walking, jogging, or running. Once you connect the app to the sneakers, you can start moving and earning points as you do. These points can be used for other in-game purchases and withdrawn for real money.

STEPN offers more than an exciting gaming and fitness experience but a dual token model that ensures the token's utility. Like CashFi, GMT also uses the burn mechanism, which allows reduced circulation of tokens and enhances a vibrant environment for users.

Project Galaxy

In the same vein, as CashFi builds an ecosystem for NFT users to facilitate a healthy environment and easy P2P transactions, Project Galaxy offers developers the opportunity to create more improved communities based on users' digital identities across the metaverse. So, think about it like Linkedin for Web 3.0. However, there is more to the project.

Its connection to NFT stems from the essence of online community managers and organizers rewarding their members through a decentralized system. Therefore, Projet Galaxy allows these organizers to use its NFT infrastructure to reward members with badges. By issuing badges and integrating the NFT infrastructure in community affairs, members can now combine offline and online events. Furthermore, Project galaxy has partnered with the BNB chain and Solana to intensify its marketing strategies in 2022.

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