The fact that Scotland and Wales did not have a majority was irrelevant, it was a United Kingdom vote not that of individual countries that form the Union. It is also very strange that the anti Brexiteer comments are all by those who have already left the UK to settle in Portugal so perhaps the relevance of their anti-Brexit attitude is somewhat modified by their current residence and could very well be taken with a pinch of the proverbial salt.

As to the attitude that pro Brexiteers should stay away from Portugal displays the most appalling bigoted attitude. I and my family have always been made welcome with open arms for many years by Portuguese nationals to their lovely country. We have gained friendships that will endure for a lifetime for which we are truly grateful.

In conclusion; I would mention that not once have we heard anti or pro Brexit feelings from our Portuguese friends it would seem that the only ones to partake in imposing their biased attitudes are the very small minority of remoaners that have taken residence outside the UK and with any luck will stay away from the UK for good. Perhaps they should start counting their blessings in having the facility to settle in such a welcoming country.