According to Lusa, the SNPVAC management have decided to “present a strike notice to be held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June, being decreed for all Ryanair flights, whose hours occur between 00:00 and 00:00. 23:59 on that day (local time at the crew's base), as well as for other services".

"Ryanair, after not being able to reach an agreement with SNPVAC exclusively because we demanded that the negotiated Company Agreement (AE) should comply with the rules established in Portuguese legislation, managed to negotiate and approve an AE that includes illegal clauses with another union", indicated the SNPVAC.

“We reiterate that Ryanair chose a union that did not have any affiliated cabin crew to sign an agreement and forced its workers to join it, under penalty of worsening their conditions even further”, guaranteed the SNPVAC, referring that “basic labour rights cannot be forgotten”.

“We also know that this is common practice in other countries: agreements concluded between unions that are completely unaware of what it means to be a cabin crew member and the respective working conditions on an aircraft”, noting that “Ryanair has a long history of illegalities and failure to comply with the law”.

“Discriminatory practices”

“SNPVAC, an association governed by public law, whose assumptions are the defense of its Associates and compliance with Portuguese law, vehemently repudiates not only Ryanair’s abusive and discriminatory practices, but also its normalization by unions that only seek growth and return. financial, instead of pursuing the legally enshrined rights of workers”, criticized the SNPVAC.

The union added that “all workers in Portugal have the legally established right to receive holiday and Christmas allowances and this right is inalienable”, and that “Ryanair continues to discriminate against workers associated with SNPVAC, namely in matters of working hours and internal promotions”.

In addition, they indicated, working conditions have deteriorated “exclusively because of the persecutory behaviour of the company”, accusing the low-cost airline of continuing “to treat workers without the minimum of dignity ".

“Ryanair has carried out dismissals against all union representatives associated with SNPVAC”, they also said, assuring that over the last two years, the management of SNPVAC has always been guided by a responsible and serious attitude, seeking dialogue with the company”.

“Through negotiation and dialogue, the company has not shown the will to amend conduct and comply with the provisions of Portuguese law”, said the union.

This Monday, the Spanish unions USO and Sitcpla also summoned Ryanair cabin crew for six days of strike, lasting 24 hours, between June and July.