According to the MAI, passengers from the United States of America and Canada can use, upon arrival in Portugal, the technological border control doors (e-gates) within the scope of the Automatic Recognition System for Documentally Identified Passengers (RAPID4ALL).

The Ministry, supervised by José Luís Carneiro, states that this measure has been in force since today at the international airports of Lisbon and Ponta Delgada (island of São Miguel, Azores), later being extended to those in Porto and Faro.

More border inspectors

MAI also adds that another 25 SEF inspectors assigned to border control functions took office today at Lisbon (10) and Porto (15) airports, as provided for in the IATA Summer 2022 Contingency Plan.

The extension of the RAPID4ALL system will allow, according to the MAI, “a greater speed in the process of border control without ever compromising security, insofar as the experience and competence of the technical team of the information systems and the Inspectors are relevant factors of speed and reliability that occur simultaneously”.

This measure will also allow, “at a time of great pressure on the airport structure, to improve the management of external borders, improve service to users, increase the effectiveness of border controls and the fight against illegal immigration”, says the statement.

According to the MAI, until 1:00 pm today, 700 passengers from the United States of America and 67 passengers from Canada used the RAPID4ALL system at Lisbon airport.

North American visitors

MAI data indicate that, in 2019, in the pre-pandemic period, Lisbon airport received 529 thousand passengers from the United States of America and 165 thousand from Canada - an average of more than 57 thousand passengers per month.

Between January and May 2022, 167 thousand passengers from the United States of America and 41 thousand passengers from Canada were received at Lisbon airport, corresponding to an average of 41.6 thousand per month.

The RAPID4ALL system was until now used on arrivals in the country by nationals and foreigners residing in Portugal, the European Union, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Singapore.