That's why crypto fans are starting to look at options that give them real, steady passive income. Especially at a time where despite recent Federal rate hikes, interest rates are still low. So if you want to earn a good passive income from your crypto holdings, where should you start? We've picked two great passive income tokens that you can start earning with immediately.


GNOX is perhaps the best passive income token out there right now. And the great thing about GNOX is that it's actually really easy to get started with, with perhaps the simplest earning process around. That's because GNOX has been built from the ground up to give real passive income to regular investors who might previously have been put off by the DeFi world.

As the first crypto platform to offer yield farming as a service, GNOX puts the passive income benefits of DeFi investment strategies like staking in the hands of normal people. That's why GNOX is the perfect bridge between the regular investment world and digital finance, and could be key in taking crypto truly into the mainstream.

How does GNOX's hands-off passive income system work? GNOX charges a sales tax on every Gnox transaction, with most of this tax helping to build up a central treasury of funds (the rest is split between small hourly returns to Gnox holders, marketing efforts and securing the base of Gnox on PanCakeswap). These treasury funds are then reinvested into other projects (Gnox holders get a vote on how risky these investments are) and then proceeds are paid back to GNOX holders every month. It's the perfect way to earn hassle-free passive income with none of the stress of managing your portfolio yourself.


Spookyswap, based on the Fantom network, is another extremely popular passive income option in the crypto world. Via liquidity pools, Spookyswap users can deposit their tokens and earn a small (0.2%) cut of every transaction. It's another great way to earn passive income, and it's also why Spookyswap has been increasing in popularity recently.

However, unlike GNOX, Spookyswap does require some level of understanding when it comes to liquidity pooling and other crypto investment strategies. It's good for intermediate crypto followers, but if you want something that simply works straight out of the box---GNOX could be for you.

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