This exam evaluates an applicant's understanding of Cisco's SD-WAN solution, controller deployment, SD-WAN architecture, WAN router deployment, security, policies, quality of service (QoS), management, and operations. Moreover, you'll need to understand how policies, security, multicast, administration, and processes operate together.

The CCNP Enterprise certification focuses on enterprise-level networking solutions. To earn it, you must pass two examinations; the first is a CCNP Enterprise core exam 350-401 Braindumps, and the second is a concentration exam.

Exam Domains

Domain 1- 20% Architecture

Domain 2- 15% Controller Deployment

Domain 3- 20% Router Deployment

Domain 4- 20% Policies

Domain 5- 15%Security and Quality of Service

Domain 6- 10%Management and Operations

300-415 Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions overview:


300-415 ENSDWI


$ 300 USD


1Hour 30 Minutes

Number of Questions

55-65 Questions

Passing Score

750-850 / 1000 Approx.


It is suggested that you possess the following knowledge and skillset prior to sitting for this exam

  • To begin, qualification in Cisco SD-WAN or equivalent expertise or experience is needed.
  • Secondly, familiarity with the concepts of SDN, Software-Defined Networking as they apply to vast live network operations & deployments.
  • furthermore, a solid knowledge of enterprise-WAN(wide area network) infrastructure is required.
  • Following that, overall knowledge of routing protocol operation is required, covering both internal and external protocol operations.
  • Additionally, experience with IP security and Transport Layer Security is required

ENSDWI Preparation ways:

What's the procedure for scheduling 300-415 ENSDWI?

Cisco exam can generally be scheduled upto 6 weeks before the time and even on the same day. Schedule examinations other than CCIE labs courses through Pearson VUE. For further information, please view the Exam Registration Official site.

  • To register for CCIE Lab Exams, please visit the CCIE site.
  • After failing in the first attempt, candidates must wait for a period of 5 days from the date before being allowed to attempt the exam again.
  • If a candidate fails a CCIE or CCDE exam, they must wait about 15 days, commencing on the day following the failed attempt, before attempting the exam again.
  • Specialist certification is earned for each written proctored assessment passed.
  • After passing the exam, the candidate will receive an email with guidelines on how to proceed Within 24 hours. To initiate the fulfillment process, you must follow the steps.
  • The Cisco Certification Monitoring System maintains a record of exam & certification results. Maintain proper contact information to receive notices regarding your certification.
  • Once you've earned your Cisco Certification, you'll be able to display the logo that indicates your achievement. Please read and understand the Cisco Certifications Logo Policy before using a badge. It is possible to download or obtain logos through the Cisco Certifications Tracking System

Do 300-415 Dumps ENSDWI certifications expire?

Yes. Certifications expiration dates assist us in ensuring that students successfully complete multiple-exam certifications within a specific time. Certification exams at the associate, specialist and professional levels are valid for 3 years from the passing date. Get your Cisco 300-415 Practice Exam Dumps 2022 by Exams4sure. Click here to get your 300-415 Exam Questions Answers today.

Finally, why should you consider 300-415 Exam Dumps ENSDWI?

The certification exam is designed to help candidates develop abilities in SD-WAN deployment & migration options, the process of deploying and replacing edge devices, controller placement, and configuring (DIA) Direct Internet Access breakout.

Cisco certified specialists are recognized worldwide. Also, Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI certification helps:

  • To Expand your skills and information on networking
  • Adequately prepare candidates with new skills that will improve your career prospects
  • It distinguishes your CV from the other contests
  • It provides you a margin in your current job
  • It increases your employment prospects

Looking to earn a Cisco credential is a super clever way of gaining a good promotion. Keeping all this in mind, it's critical to highlight that the CCNP Enterprise is among the most desirable Cisco certifications.

The Implementing Cisco SD-WAN exam enhances your career opportunities. It offers you a competitive benefit and increases the likelihood of being marketable.


Consequently, this article covers everything you need to learn about this certification with one of its associated examinations, 300-415 ENSDWI. Get this accreditation by using our study guides for guaranteed success.