More and more Portuguese people are choosing to install air conditioning systems at home, but this summer the general increase in prices is putting an even greater pressure on family budgets.

This is because the installation of this equipment reached increases in the order of 100 euros, compared to prices last year.

Data from Fixando, found that the average price charged for air conditioning installation services rose from 355 euros in 2021 to 460 euros (+29.6%) this year. In 2020, the average amount charged was 350 euros.

Maintenance services for this equipment also became more expensive in 2022, with the average price per service rising from 60 euros, in 2021, to 73 euros (+21.67%).

Fixando also reveals that the number of Portuguese who sought to install an air conditioning system rose by 57% in June, compared to the previous month. Already in May, demand had increased by 58%, compared to April this year.

Alice Nunes, director of New Business at Fixando, estimates that with the high temperatures that are approaching in the coming days, the demand for air conditioning services and equipment will register a significant increase again, in the order of 56%, during the month of July.