New measures have been introduced across the country to keep people safe and to try to reduce the chance of forest fires as thermometers continue to soar to over 40 degrees in some areas of the country.

The UK Government has highlighted that non-compliance with restrictions could lead to prosecution.

Currently measures that are in place in Portugal include a ban on:

· Walking through or remaining in woodland areas, including forest, woodland and rural trails

· Burning garden and other agricultural waste

· Clearing agricultural land by resorting to burning

· Using garden and farm machinery in or near woodland areas

· Setting off fireworks

The UK FCO states: “During the state of contingency, you can be prosecuted if you do not comply with these restrictions or if you do not follow the instructions of the civil protection and police authorities.

“Forest fires can occur anywhere in Portugal during the summer months. In recent years, fires have become more frequent due to drought and high temperatures. Forest fires are highly dangerous and unpredictable. The Portuguese authorities may evacuate areas and close roads for safety reasons”.

If you see a wild fire, call the emergency services on 112.