This week, record temperatures are expected in England, France and Spain and according to the France Press news agency this is the second heat wave recorded in a month in Europe.

In Portugal, on Sunday and for the first time since July 8, temperatures did not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), after having reached a historic record for the month of July of 47 degrees.

However, almost all of Portugal remains at maximum risk of rural fire.

According to meteorologists, the increase in this phenomenon is a direct consequence of global warming, with greenhouse gas emissions increasing in intensity, duration and frequency.

UK and France

In France, the “heat is gaining strength and spreading across the country”, warns the Météo-France institute, which expects to see many temperature records broken, especially in the west and southwest of the country.

Also in the UK, the Met office has issued the first red warning for extreme heat.

Thermometers could reach 40°C in southern England for the first time today or Tuesday, the Met Office has warned.


The heat wave is also affecting Spain, where there have already been deaths due to hot weather.

On Sunday, temperatures reached 39.°C in Madrid, 39.7°C in Seville (south) and up to 43.4°C in Don Benito, near Badajoz (west).

The heat wave has been causing wildfires, which have already killed several members of the fire and rescue services.

In Spain, around 20 forest fires are still active and remain uncontrolled in different parts of the country, from the south to the extreme northwest of Galicia.