Splendour Luxury Group offers high-quality comprehensive education programmes, for families relocating to Portugal or already living here, but in need of support. They work with English speaking educational psychologists, consultants and certified coaches, who know the inner workings of both international and Portuguese schools and who can help you make an informed decision with an unparalleled service package.

Splendour Luxury Group goes beyond what is typically offered when it comes to enrolment, with CEO Nelleke Bos affirming that there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right school for your child and having that initial meeting with the education consultant to have your child assessed, is crucial to finding the best school for them. “We don’t just provide a list of schools to choose from, we feel that is not enough. I know from experience, having spoken to many parents that it can be really complicated to make the right choice, a school or a university can look good on a website but how does it actually function? What is the feedback? Does it actually fit the child? Which is what we are trying to answer by providing professional guidance.”

“There are many new schools, especially in the centre of the country around Lisbon, the team that we work with actually work inside some of those private schools, providing them with special needs support so they know how each school works and their environment.” The experienced guidance of educational consultants makes the whole enrolment process much easier. We visit all the schools personally and the educational consultant can accompany families on the school visits. Most uniquely, they offer specialised help, “collaborating with educational psychologists, to provide special needs support that your child may require.”

Splendour Luxury Group can also help with enrolment at university level, for example, “we offer career assessments and we assist with the enrolment process including the conversion of points for studying in Portugal.” Alternatively, “we can assist with studying abroad, for example if your child is at school in Portugal but would like to study abroad our consultants help with the whole enrolment process and accompany them throughout.”

Asides from enrolment, they have specially developed a 12-week program with a certified coach called ‘Away from Home’, which is for students coming to study in Portugal on their own. Nelleke explained “It is a combination of support in the sense of coaching but also in the sense of practicalities as students moving to a different country have all sorts of adaptations to make, we offer guidance throughout that first year at University.”

With all arrangements having been made and your choice of school or university having been secured, the process begins for finding a home, which is something that Splendour Luxury Group can assist with as well as all practicalities that come with that including insurance, health care and registration.

For more information about the Splendour Luxury Group or to get in touch please visit www.Splendourluxurygroup.com or follow their Instagram and Facebook