Analysing the offer of rooms in eight Portuguese cities, the study has found that the drop in the “stock” of rooms for rent was pronounced in all of them, most of which were above 60%. It was in Porto (-84%) where the biggest reduction was observed, followed by Lisbon (-77%), Leiria (-71%), Aveiro (-69%), Setúbal (-69%), Faro (-67%), Braga (-67%) and Coimbra (-39%). Of the cities analysed, none showed an increase in the supply of rooms for rent in the last year.

The decrease in the supply of rooms has caused an increase in prices in almost all the cities analysed, with the exception of Faro and Braga, where they fell by 1.9% and 1%, respectively. It was in Porto that the prices of rooms for rent rose the most, being 20% ​​more expensive than a year ago. Aveiro (19.8%), Lisbon (18.1%), Leiria (12.2%), Coimbra (8.2%) and Setúbal (4.7%) follow.

Lisbon continues to be the city with the most expensive rooms for rent in Portugal, where prices average around €420 per month, followed by Porto (350 euros/month), Aveiro (300 euros/month), Setúbal (300 euros/month) and Faro (300 euros/month). On the other hand, of the cities analysed, the most economical places to rent a room are Coimbra (220 euros/month), Leiria (230 euros/month) and Braga (260 euros/month).