The detainees, a 42-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, known as the Portuguese "Bonnie & Clyde", were presented to the court - Audiência Nacional, based in Madrid - following the search and arrest warrant issued by Portugal.

Spanish police officers and the sub-delegate of the Government in Zamora, Angel Blanco, revealed today at a press conference that the couple were transferred today from the Police Station of Zamora to Madrid.

Being dealt with at the National Court is the international order issued by Interpol for the robberies committed in Portugal, an order that, in principle, does not include the triple murder in Bragança, a crime they are also suspected of.

The detainees have allegedly robbed Spanish petrol stations and shops in Seville, Badajoz and Toledo in recent weeks, in most cases with the same modus operandi, intimidating employees with a gun and a knife. The couple are also suspected of having stolen a vehicle at gunpoint last Wednesday in the Madrid district of Moncloa.

In Spain, the National Police attribute them to an armed robbery at a gas station in Badajoz and the theft also with violence and intimidation of a vehicle in Madrid, reports the Efe news agency.

The Civil Guard has also instructed cases for other robberies in the provinces of Seville, Badajoz and Toledo committed since 28 July, when the fugitive couple crossed the Ayamonte border after having robbed another petrol station in Faro (Portugal) and having previously committed three other robberies in the Algarve.

Court magistrates are expected to take statements from the detainees today before deciding whether to order their return to prison for the crimes for which they are wanted in Portugal.