Armando Lasauda, CEO of aProperties believes that summer is a positive time to sell a house, as interested parties will be able to have more free time for visits and consequently make a choice that is more suited to their reality and needs.

The CEO of aProperties explains that, in summer, due to the long and sunny days, buyers can see homes with more natural light, which makes spaces more attractive and increases the feeling of spaciousness.

According to a study carried out by the Zillow Group, there are two times of the year that are seen as good opportunities to sell a home faster. According to the group, spring is a positive time for home sales, due to natural light and a more flowery environment, which invites potential buyers to visit a house. On the other hand, the beginning of autumn is also a positive time, as it is usually a time of changes, the beginning of classes, and the end of the holidays, which awaken potential home buyers.

According to the Zillow Group, selling houses at times like Christmas and New Year's is out of the question, as people are more focused on the festivities than on a new home.