Why Are American Clients Looking To Buy A Home In Portugal?

The surge in interest to relocate and start a new life in Europe, specifically Portugal peaked for American home owners, in this past quarter of 2022. The estimated investment of American buyers in Portugal has tripled since 2021, totaling an amount of 25.1M euros to date, according to the Portuguese Service of Foreign Immigration.

The decision of relocating across the Atlantic for some Americans stems from an increasingly polarized political system, rising safety concerns, an ineffective healthcare system, destructive floods and wildfires and surging living and housing costs.

The Unique Resemblance Between The Portuguese And American Coasts

With more than 800km of serene costal areas, Portugal offers all year round fresh ocean breezes, a Mediterranean climate surrounded by fauna and flora alike, warm and sunny winter days filled with magical sunsets.

As buyers settle in the northern region of Portugal, typically around the city of Porto, you can expect cooler and cloudier climate, comparable to that of San Francisco and San José and only a 30 minute drive away, homeowners can find a Napa Valley resembling wine region known as the Douro Valley.

Further south towards the region of Lisbon, residents may find brighter and more sunny days as well as a warmer climate. As with the Californian coast, all throughout Portugal many are the water sports enthusiasts. Ericeira and Nazaré are home to some of the world record breaking big waves and house a growing community of digital nomads. Alongside the capital of Lisbon, has an incredibly similar bridge to that of the Golden Gate Bridge, known as “Ponte 25 de Abril”, which is painted in a very similar shade of red.

In the past year, since changes were made to the Golden Visa scheme in 2021, many buyers have started exploring the surrounding areas of Lisbon, such as Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra, Tróia and Comporta. Under an hour away from the capital, with various public transport available, these stunning areas have been greatly compared to Santa Barbara and Palm Springs, offering stunning marinas, mountainous greenery, serene beaches and unspoiled fields of pasture.

All the way towards the southern region of Portugal, in the Algarve both a western and southern coast can be admired, perfect for home buyers looking for a life of luxury by the beach. Comparable to that of Laguna Beach, the Algarve offers endless stunning sea views, unspoiled fine sand beaches with cliffs and coves to explore, some of the best golf courses in Europe and an endearing protected wildlife.

Keep All Of America’s Good Traits When Moving To Portugal Permanently

With so many similarities to be found between the coastal areas of Portugal and America an international move could seem like the perfect idea. As a luxury real estate agency based in the Algarve area, our 35+ years of experience in the industry has granted us the opportunity to help clients from all over the world find their home away from home in this beautiful corner of Europe. We would love to help you find yours and invite you to get in contact with our expert sales team.

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