The festival takes place tonight, and on Friday and Saturday from 18:00 and closes at 05:00.

This year, A Garota Não has the honour of opening the festival, at 7:45 pm on the Museum Stage.

After there will be performances from Katalina, José Cid, with Orquestra Clássica do Sul, Carol, Bárbara Bandeira, Lhast, Cláudia Pascoal, Nenny, Rita Vian, The Black Mamba, Viviane, Lon3r Johnny, Syro, Wet Bed Gang, Pedro Mafama and DJs Wilson Honored and Danni Gato.

On Friday, there will be performances from Mari Segura, Cassete Pirata, Marco Rodrigues, Suricata, Agir, Rita Rocha, Matay, Irma, Milhanas, HMB, benji price, Bateu Matou, T-Rex, Richie Campbell, PAUS and Karetus.

The festival ends on Saturday with Mimi Froes, Luís Trigacheiro, Leo Middea, Miguel Araújo, Beatriz Rosário, Vitão, Ivandro, Nuno Lanhoso, Jüra, Domingues, Chico da Tina, Julinho KSD, Mateus Verde, Emergency Exit, Dino D'Santiago and DJ Kura and Carolina Torres.

Festival F also has a parallel program, with gatherings, exhibitions and 'stand-up comedy'.

Contemporary art exhibitions will be on display at Fábrica da Cerveja and Galeria Arco, in addition to permanent exhibitions at the Museum and Galeria Trem.

Festival F is organised by the Municipality of Faro, the Municipal Theatre of Faro, the Municipal Equipment Management Company Ambifaro and the production company Sons em Trânsito.