The source specified that the prisoner had in his body 38 blocks of hash weighing approximately 420 grams.

In response to Lusa, the Directorate General for Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP) confirmed the case, stating that, "as part of the daily work of preventing and combating the entry and circulation of illicit products and goods in prison context," there was a suspicion that a prisoner, at the time of return to Alcoentre, "could be trying to introduce the drug to the Prison of Alcoentre".

According to DGRSP, the inmate was taken to hospital for "examinations that confirmed the suspicions, and there was a clinical need for surgical intervention for the extraction of products presumed to be narcotics".

The DGRSP said that "the product removed from the prisoner's body was sent to the Judicial Police laboratory and the case was referred to court", without confirming that it was hash. The DGRSP also indicates that the prisoner is clinically well and recovering from surgery.