More than half of the Portuguese will receive €125 in October. According to the Finance Minister, the aim is to return income to taxpayers, applying to all those who declared income of up to €37,800 in the year 2021, regardless of how this income was obtained - either by a job or by rents.

In total, 5.8 million people will receive this support, which will cost the State around 725 million €, and will be paid only once, and in some families it may be accumulated with other support, such as child support (50 € per child).

The amount of 125 € to be paid by the State will not be subject to taxation, so this same amount will be what will fall into the taxpayers' account. The guarantee was given by Fernando Medina, who explained that the support will not be subject to IRS.

Although the Minister assures that there are exceptional cases. For example, young people who started working in 2022 do not receive a benefit. In that case, clarified Fernando Medina, the 125 € will not be paid, being instead given the support of 50 € to the parents of the now worker who last year was considered dependent child.

In order to receive this support, Portuguese taxpayers should pay attention to the International Bank Identification Numbers (IBAN) that are associated in the Segurança Social and Finanças websites, and update them if they are not correct.