"With increasing climate change, air pollution, rising road accidents and the energy crisis, the need to change the mobility paradigm has become clear," IMT says in a statement.

According to that institute, the "The Future is Collective" campaign will run through "a wide dissemination of the benefits [of public transport] for the user", such as "cheaper, better for the environment, more time for what you like or comfortable and safe".

In the document released on 7 September, IMT recalls that the Fare Reduction Support Program in Public Transport (PART), which began in 2019, "led to an overall increase in passengers on public transport”.

According to the IMT, PART had led to savings for families due to lower fares, attracting "new passengers to public transport".

"In this context, it is important to inform people about the benefits of using public transport to attract new passengers," they added.

The initiative has around 50 partners, including transport companies and municipalities, and will be broadcast on various digital platforms, television, radio and regional press.