The Queen is dead long live the King is not a particularly nice epitaph for Queen Elizabeth as she was such a beautiful, kind and compassionate soul that touched the hearts of many, irrespective of whether you support the Monarchy or not. This epitaph looks forward to a new reign but Queen Elizabeth will never be forgotten as history will surely look kindly on the late Queen as she dedicated her life and love to serving her country.

In my view, she was the epitome of selfless service putting her calling before her own needs. What a wonderful human being that was, and still is, a credit to all humanity and an inspiration on how to live our lives selflessly. The love she showed to her country, her people, her Commonwealth and indeed to all people is a shining example on how to live our lives.

Are you selfless as she was to others or are you selfish just thinking about yourself? Of course, we have to look after ourselves but like the Queen we can find ways to help others too.

Sure, you could argue she had an extremely privileged life not having to care about money or food or accommodation or a job but you could also argue she had a greater calling and responsibility to care about a country and her Commonwealth.

So, as we mourn her passing, perhaps we can also think about all the great things and joy she brought to so many people in the world – irrespective of your views on the Monarchy.

Here is hoping the new monarch King Charles III can come close to the devotion his mother showed for the country and the people. He has waited long enough and should be given his chance to serve.

Richard Clingen - CEO and Owner

The Portugal News


An experienced entrepreneur with specialist unique skills in online marketing. Involved in many industries over the years including, large music festivals, property developments, telecoms, fashion and renewables. Having lived in a number of countries prior to moving to Portugal, now considers Portugal as home.

Richard Clingen