The electric yacht trend is on the rise

In response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly boats, electric boats have become one of the most dynamic trends in the maritime industry. With the proliferation of ecologically friendly technologies, shipyards worldwide are eager to introduce alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines. Electric motors are beneficial to both the environment and yacht owners.

Electric yachts can significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Boats with electric propulsion enable quiet, vibration- and smoke-free navigation. Ships without fossil fuels use the energy of the elements, such as the sun and wind. Energy is extracted from the elements thanks to a combination of solar panels and wind generators and stored in the boat’s electric batteries. An electric yacht also saves a lot of money because it reduces the cost of diesel and maintenance.

However, fully electric boats are still a relatively young trend. Today you can find many boats with solar panels for rent at various destinations. Digital ecosystems of solar-powered hybrid boats extend the life cycle of propulsion systems since they monitor key values such as volts and temperature, which is one of the benefits of green sailing. If you’re considering renting a boat, then be sure to check out the options with solar panels for your more eco-friendly sailing trip.

One of the industry’s key challenges is replacing diesel engines with equivalent electric motors that are entirely energy self-sufficient and rely only on renewable energy sources.

The trend moves towards sustainable sailing

But sustainability has also been a trend for sailors for years. If you love to sail the sea and care about the environment, you can get inspired by these tips on how to become a more eco-friendly sailor.

A passion for sailing, a love of the sea, and a concern for the environment seem to go hand in hand. Many modern sailors are looking for ways to reduce the impact of boating on our environment while improving the sailing experience. It is also about the decisions made on board and pre-preparation that will affect your green sailing. Respecting wildlife and cleaning with the right eco-friendly products are some of other important practices for your green sailing vacation.

With electric cars now commonplace, you’ve probably guessed that the boating industry isn’t far behind. The question is no longer whether sailboats will ever go electric but when.

We believe the time is now. In the last five years, advances in electric propulsion technology for boats have resulted in lower voltages, more extended range and longer-life electric motors that can not only keep up with diesel engines but also offer some distinct advantages:

· Low maintenance - no oil or belt changes and longer service life

· Improved safety - no oil or fuel fires or spills

· Quiet operation - auxiliary drive almost as pleasant as sailing

· No diesel fumes or odour

Do you want to make your next vacation sustainable? You are right on trend with a trip on an electric boat or sailing ship.