According to monthly statistics released by the ICA, until August this year there were around six million spectators and 34.8 million euros in box office revenue; values that exceed the 5.4 million tickets issued and the 30.6 million euros in box office revenue obtained throughout 2021.

Cinema screenings in August once again surpassed the one million spectators mark, to close to one million and eight thousand, which represents a 36% increase compared to August 2021.

Of the six million spectators registered in cinemas this year, 2.6 million saw films distributed by NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais, which remains the market leader, and 2.1 million people saw films distributed by Cinemundo.

More than half of the 746 feature films screened this year (458) were European productions and 161 were produced in the United States, however leading this, in terms of spectators and box office revenues, is still North American cinema, with 24.7 million euros and 4.2 million spectators.

In August, the most seen film in cinemas was the Portuguese production "Curral de moinas - Os banqueiros do povo", by Miguel Cadilhe, with 210.459 spectators and 1,2 million euros at the box office.

Premiered on 11 August, the comedy is already the Portuguese film with the largest audience in 2021.

Of all the films premiered, the most seen this year continues to be "Top Gun: Maverick", by Joseph Kosinski, with 695,290 spectators and 4.3 million euros in box-office revenue.