The health authority states in the updated document that is published on its website, that the guidance has been updated in accordance with “the current epidemiological situation and the best scientific evidence”. This recommendation comes about three weeks after the Government decreed the end of the mandatory use of a mask in public passenger transport, in taxis and TVDE and planes.

Thus, the Directorate-General for Health recommends the use of masks “by anyone over the age of 10 whenever they are in closed environments, in clusters, namely, in the use of collective passenger transport, including air transport, as well as in public transport”.

The use of a mask is also recommended on platforms and covered accesses to public transport, including airports, maritime terminals and metro and train networks. Its use is also recommended in community pharmacies and “in confirmed cases of covid-19, in all circumstances, whenever [people] are out of their place of isolation until the 10th day after the date of onset of symptoms or of the positive test”.

The Directorate-General for Health also advises the most vulnerable people, namely those with chronic diseases or states of immunosuppression with an increased risk for severe covid-19, to wear a mask whenever they are in a “situation of increased risk of exposure”.