According to a report by Publituris, travellers to the country are now no longer required to complete an online form and present the respective code upon arrival in Spanish territory, in a decision that was announced a few days after the country initially announced that they were going to extend restrictions related to the disease until 15 November.

“It will no longer be necessary to fill in the health control form to travel to Spain or present the QR code SpTH (Spain Travel Health) at departure or at the airport of arrival”, announced the Spanish Ministry of Health, in a statement.

The SpTH portal, as well as the mobile health applications, have already ceased to be operational as of September 20th, although there are still doubts about the procedures that will be adopted, and it is not, for example, clear whether the Passengers must show proof of vaccination or recovery from illness on arrival.

What is certain is that just last week, the Spanish authorities had announced an extension of restrictions on entry into Spanish territory until November 15, maintaining the need for unvaccinated passengers to present a negative test or proof of recovery from the disease for more than six months.

Spain was until now one of the few European countries that still had the need to present a negative test or proof of recovery on arrival in Spanish territory, in addition to filling out the health form, requirements that are now starting to be removed.