The date is advanced in a note from the Ministry of Finance sent to Lusa and includes an ordinance that should be published this Monday, September 26, 2022, in Diário da República.

"Extraordinary support to families, young people and children will be paid by bank transfer from the 20th of October".

At issue is the exceptional income support, which will be 125 euros per adult holder and 50 euros per dependent up to 24 years of age (inclusive), or without age limit in the case of dependents due to disability. "In order to simplify and speed up the operationalization of this support, it was determined that the respective attribution does not require any adhesion on the part of the citizens, being automatic", says the Ministry of Finance.

If it is not possible to proceed with the payment of support on October 20, "due to insufficient information or invalidity of the IBAN, the Tax Authority will repeat the transfers monthly for half a year", adds the office.

Anyone who receives an exceptional supplement for pensioners (which corresponds to half the value of the pension) of less than 125 euros, will later receive the difference as an extraordinary support.

For example, a pensioner with a pension of 200 euros will be entitled to an exceptional supplement of 100 euros and will then receive a further 25 euros. The package of support for families to mitigate the impact of inflation was announced by the Government on September 5 and will have a global cost of 2.4 billion euros, according to the executive.

Income support is granted to residents with an income of up to 2,700 euros gross per month, and beneficiaries of certain social benefits are also covered.