“Right now, this type of search, on the ground, is no longer being developed, at least until we have some clue that can guide us otherwise,” António Ramalho, responsible for Public Relations at the Faro Territorial Command, told Lusa.

“She expressed that she intended to go to Fátima, but we don't know to what extent this could be so. In any case, the GNR of Fátima was informed [in the district of Santarém], but she was also not located [in that area]”, said the spokesman.

The woman, reported missing on Saturday night, has “some mental health problems”, and “the mobile phone location was immediately requested” which was eventually found, on Sunday, next to the church of Cabanas de Tavira, although the device was not with her, the same source told Lusa on Tuesday.

The authorities ended up locating the woman's car “next to the Cabanas de Tavira church” and “inside was her cell phone, identification and money”, clarified the same source, on the same occasion.