But in this new update, the Portuguese authorities issue a warning: “It is warned that Portuguese-Russian dual citizens are considered, by the Russian authorities, only as Russian citizens”.

The warning comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial military deployment. This has led the Portuguese Government to warn citizens with dual Portuguese and Russian nationality that they can be included in that same mobilisation, whose objective is to reinforce the army with 300,000 men.

“In the event of being mobilised, they will not be able to request consular protection from the Embassy, ​​invoking dual nationality, as it is not recognised in Russia”, says the government.

The Portuguese authorities also recall that, since the partial mobilisation decree, departures from Russia by land and air “are overloaded and are subject to increased control at the borders”.

Other countries are making similar recommendations and warnings, such as the United States, which this week published a message very similar to the Portuguese one, reinforcing that "Russia can refuse to recognise dual nationality and refuse access to consular support".

"If they want to leave Russia, they must find independent solutions as soon as possible. The US Embassy is very limited in assisting US citizens, including transportation options," it reads.