Second Semester of 2023 Could Present Market Conditions With Opportunity Buys

For High Net Worth (HNW) buyers who seek safeguard from an unpredictable stock market, unsteady global currencies and an increasing inflation, up until July of 2023 the property market could present opportunistic purchases.

However, market experts have advised that either clients, or their chosen agent keep an observant eye on potential listings. The current property market is fast moving, suffering from low available housing stock as well as, being directly impacted from a highly affected construction sector. Clients and agents need to be constantly informed.

Having in the past months shared various meetings with other colleagues in the business throughout the world, the general feel translates into some clients pushing back from purchases due to a future risk of recession. Nonetheless, HNW buyers in luxury and ultra luxury markets, tend to keep investing, seeing as they can afford to wait out recession cycles, alongside typically purchasing based on personal needs and long-term goals.

Making The Most Of Your Waterfront Sanctuary In The Algarve

Coming out of a post-pandemic period investors are still searching for homes with more space, functionality, safety but most of all this becoming an asset that can be enjoyed immediately. While also collecting returns from seasonal rentals, property owners have been able to make the most of an appreciating asset.

Home buyers are choosing to live their lives to the fullest, building on memories with loved ones and keeping a sustainable healthy lifestyle and property purchases in areas like the Golden Triangle in the south of Portugal have all of that to offer. This is the opportunity to escape big busy cities, live closer to nature and the coast while easily accessing various capitals globally.

Whether you are looking for a first home to enjoy and make the most of, or a “marquee asset” investment to park your wealth whilst equally profiting, we invite you to get in contact with the luxury real estate team of ONE Select Properties. With 35+ years of experience in the luxury sector of Southern Portugal we will work towards finding the right property purchase to suit your investment objectives.

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