This is the third amendment proposal of the Regional Legislative Decree that establishes the guiding principles and framework to which the cooperation between the Social Security Institute of Madeira and private social solidarity institutions and other similar non-profit organisations that pursue social activities in Madeira should obey.

The Secretary for Social Inclusion and Citizenship, Rita Andrade, defended the proposal, explaining that the change refers to the management of assets and "brings benefits to all parties", institutions, beneficiaries and employees.

The governor highlighted that it also allows "the alignment of the conditions of access to IPSS applications with those defined at national level under the Recovery and Resilience Plan" related to residences for the elderly.

Answering questions from the PCP and PS deputies about the extension of the deadline to 20 years, "going from eight to eighty", the secretary stressed that this is the duration in force on the mainland and in the Azores.

She argued that this measure will contribute to "greater stability" even from the labour point of view, medium and long-term management, as well as better financial efficiency of the institutions.

The PS deputy Elisa Seixas considered that the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP) should have gone further in this amendment, taking the opportunity to welcome some of the recent recommendations of the Court of Auditors (TdC) to fill "gaps" in the allocation of support to social solidarity institutions.

The comments of the TdC were also pointed out by the JPP deputy Paulo Alves, who mentioned the problem of lack of supervision of IPSS, and the governor announced that a plan of inspection actions is being outlined and will be implemented until the end of the year.

This proposal presented by the Regional Government will be voted in plenary in October.

The Madeiran deputies unanimously approved several votes, including one of congratulation for the appointment of Cardinal Tolentino Mendonça for the Vatican Dicastery for Culture and Education and another of regret for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, authored by the CDS-PP.

The PSD's protest vote on the statements by the Education Minister, João Costa, on the full recovery of the service time of teachers in the Autonomous Regions, discussed on Tuesday, was also approved.