Born in Brazil, Dr Christopher Johnsson is an international plastic surgeon who has been living and working in Portugal for the past 15 years. Before coming to Portugal he completed all his studies in his home country and trained with the best, Dr Ivo Pintanguy, who is known all over the world.

Dr Christopher Johnsson specialises in cosmetic surgery where he is completely dedicated to facelifts, eyelid surgery, neck surgeries - everything that can help us look younger but in a natural way. With top results, this doctor says "my patients just want to look like themselves, but younger."

Several options

According to Dr Christopher Johnsson, there are currently several options. If the patient is not too prone to a surgical approach, "we can start with non-surgical procedures. We have botulinum toxin that works very well for wrinkles, but also for the neck, which many people don't know about."

There are also several types of fillers "that stimulate collagen production for the person's own skin, we have radiofrequency device treatments that help with elasticity and the latest PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), also known as natural filler for the youthful appearance it promotes," he said.

However, when the patient reaches the age of 50, depending upon the skin, it is important to start thinking about plastic surgery because it is difficult to achieve the expected result with non-surgical treatments, even with the best techniques.

"Sometimes we see a lot of bad results in patients who should have been advised to go for surgical treatment, but either they don't want to or they go to a doctor who is not actually a surgeon and doesn't have a surgical option and they start overfilling and then unfortunately we start seeing people who have their expressions completely changed," he lamented.

Nothing to fear

In fact, there is nothing to fear about surgery when you are in good medical hands. "The idea is to keep the natural expression, just rejuvenate people and transform their appearance."

After a facelift surgery, “the recovery is very easy, we ask people to stay the first night at the clinic so they will be looked after, but on the following day they are ready to leave without any bandages or drains”, he said.

In addition, most of the procedures nowadays don’t even require general anesthesia. “When we perform facelifts we use deep sedation with an anaesthetist in the operating theatre, which means the patient is totally asleep, but they are breathing on their own. Deep sedation plus local anesthesia, it’s the one we use on more than 99 percent of procedures”.

The doctor provides consultations at the Clínica da Beloura, which is located between Cascais and Sintra. However, if you are in the Algarve and want to get in touch without driving to Sintra for the first consultation, Dr Christopher also provides video consultations for an initial approach, where people can send photos, say what they want and ask for a quote.

If you would like to get in touch, please call +351 912 158 827 or email You can also find Dr Christopher Johnsson on Facebook and Instagram @drjohnsson