Speaking to Lusa, António Ramos, from the Faro territorial command of the GNR, said that there is the possibility that the body is that of the woman who disappeared on September 24, however, he noted that confirmation will only be possible after the autopsy.

“There is some degradation of the body”, said the official, admitting that “there is this possibility [of it being the body of the woman who disappeared in Cabanas de Tavira]”.

According to António Ramos, the family of the missing woman has already been informed, and the Judiciary Police (PJ) has also been at the scene.

However, he reiterated, “only after the investigations will it be possible to say if this is the missing person”.

The body was recovered by firefighters and the Maritime Police and transported to the Legal Medical Office in Faro.

The day after her disappearance, on September 25, the woman's car was located next to the church in Cabanas de Tavira, with her mobile phone, identification and money inside, according to the same source from the GNR at the time.

The authorities carried out ground searches until Tuesday, and the information about the disappearance was later passed on to the patrols of the GNR and other security forces, which remained on alert.

The GNR of Fátima, in the district of Santarém, was even alerted to the emergence of possible sightings or clues, as the woman had expressed her intention to travel to Fátima.