According to a report by ECO, from 2023, civil servants will have a minimum wage of 761.58 euros, according to the proposal that the Government is presenting to the Civil Service unions.

For those who receive this base salary, the increase for next year will be 8%, the most significant increase in percentage terms for Public Administration workers. About 16.7% of workers will be covered by this increase, according to government data.

This measure takes into account the rise in the national minimum wage. The Government had foreseen an increase from 705 to 750 euros next year, but in the proposal presented in the Social Dialogue for the income and competitiveness agreement, it pointed out that the increase should “ensure an additional differential to compensate for the impacts of inflation”.

The budgetary impact of this measure to increase the remuneration base in the Public Administration, which includes the approximation to the minimum wage, is 158 million euros next year.

The Government's proposal provides for a minimum increase of 52.11 euros for civil servants in 2023. For workers who receive more than 2,600 euros gross, the measure is a percentage, with increases of at least 2%.