The most recent data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) also shows that in metropolitan areas this increase in house rents was even greater in this period: in Lisbon they rose 53% and in Porto 49%.

In 2017 it was possible to rent a house in Portugal of 100 square meters (m2) for the median price of 439 euros per month, according to INE data published on Thursday, September 29. But since then, the prices of houses for rent has been increasing, registering half-yearly increases of between 3 and 6%. As a result, renting a house in Portugal has become 42% more expensive. And now, a family will have to pay, in average terms, 625 euros per month for the rent of a house (+186 euros/month).

Those who rented a house between August 2021 and July 2022 also paid 7.4% more than those who rented a home in the same period, when the median rent for the house was 5.82 euros/m2. Compared to the same period before the pandemic, in the first half of 2019 (12 months), house rents increased by 25%.