During 7, 8 and 9 October, Morgado do Quintão will host CAMP'22, a harvest party, that will offer concerts, talks, workshops, wine tasting and the opportunity to spend lovely days in nature.

With a concert line-up of Carminho (7 October), followed by Bruno Pernadas (8 October) and closed by Mário Laginha (9 October), visitors will be able to do much more than just watch the live acts, they will have the opportunity to meet the artists and talk to them in person.

Giving back

The promoters of this event - a traditional family that has owned Morgado do Quintão for four generations - want to give the community back its connection to culture. "Here we don't want a passive attitude from visitors, but rather that there is a group think”.

For those who don't know, Morgado do Quintão is a family business based in the municipality of Lagoa that began way back when the Conde de Silves, Francisco Manuel Pereira Caldas, founded the farm in 1810, which now offers high quality wines from three different grapes: negra mole, crato branco and castelão.

But it was only after the death of their mother, who was an artist, that siblings Filipe and Teresa decided to take over this family business and turn it into what it is today, maintaining the respect for the land, the connection to the arts, the active thinking and reflection on the future.

"My mother was a sculptor, she wrote, she took photographs, she was a very curious person and she did art by various means," said Teresa Caldas de Vasconcelos, suggesting that this whole event was largely inspired by her mother.

"We don't want to separate art from who we are. CAMP'22 is a combination of all this," she said. Therefore, in this 60-hectare plot, where 21 are planted with vineyards, visitors will share food and wine in an intimate event that will bring together artists, makers, thinkers, well-known Portuguese creators, where everyone will have the opportunity to share their thoughts.

"As an example, Carminho will speak to young children and perhaps inspire them to pursue singing careers", said Filipe Caldas de Vasconcelos, founder of CAMP, adding that this Portuguese Fado singer spent her childhood in the Algarve before moving to Lisbon.

As for the prices, these vary between 20 and 150 €. The full 3-day pass costs 150 €, a full day ticket where you can participate in the talks, workshops and watch the concert will cost 75 € per person. However, if you only have time to attend the concert, it will cost €40 per person.

Due to a partnership with the Lagoa Council, residents of Lagoa, holders of the Cultural Passport and all those aged between 16 and 25 can take advantage of a special price. For these people, the concert ticket will cost 20 euros each.

If you would like more information or check the full line-up, please see https://www.intocamp.pt/line-up