The Director-General for Health, Graça Freitas, has admitted that the number of cases of Covid-19 is expected to increase in winter, albeit with a “low impact” on the National Health Service, reports TSF. However, she notes that “if there are any warning signs” the DGS is available “to review the ongoing strategy”.

According to Graça Freitas, vaccination against the coronavirus “has allowed the disease to be controlled to acceptable levels”, so it is possible to rely on “people’s ability to manage their clinical situation and their social life” after the Government decreed the end of mandatory isolation for positive cases. “Society is ready for these kinds of measures”, she defended.

Recalling that the population has “a social obligation to protect the most vulnerable and others” in relation to the diseases that are transmitted, she added that, “according to their disease condition, people must decide for themselves whether to become more isolated.” Otherwise, she advises them to limit contact with the most vulnerable people and resort to the use of a mask and respiratory etiquette measures.