In 2023, the Government will reinforce the supervision of the tourism, trade and services sectors, planning to inspect 4,800 accommodation operators.

“In 2023, a reinforcement of the number of inspection actions in the tourism, commerce and services sectors is expected, in order to promote a territorial, temporal scope and a dimension of the inspected sample in line with the results to be achieved”, reads the statement from the State Budget for 2023 (OE2023).

According to the statement “from the point of view of the accommodation sector, a target of 4,800 economic operators is expected to be inspected with a view to covering the different realities in presence, namely tourist developments and local accommodation establishments”.

“Cumulatively, inspections will be carried out on two fronts, from the outset 'in situ' and, equally, in the field of 'e-commerce' through 'online' inspections, taking into account the dynamics and growth of this sales channel in the tourism sector”.