In a response sent to the Lusa agency, the Ministry ofJustice states that the criminal identification record of those convicted of crimes against sexual self-determination and sexual freedom of minors, created in March 2015, contains 6,421 aggressors.

According to the same information, since the creation of the database, more than 300 sexual aggressors of minors have been registered annually.

Data shows that 2021 was the year in which the highest number of records of those convicted of sexual offense crimes against minors were introduced, a total of 362.

This year, and until October 5th, the data of 252 people convicted of sexual abuse of children were entered in the register.

This register was created in 2015 and includes the name, age, residence and crimes of those convicted of sexual crimes in which the victim is a minor.

According to the law, the criminal identification record system contains data on aggressors for five years when they are subject to a fine or imprisonment of up to one year and for 10 years for prison sentences of more than one year and not more than five years.

The data will be available for 15 years when a prison sentence of more than five years and not more than 10 years is applied. When the convict is punished with a sentence of more than 10 years, the data will be included in the register for 20 years.