"Between September 7 and October 12, more than a million users received the flu vaccine, of which more than 787,000 received both vaccines, against flu and against Covid-19".

According to the DGS, the vaccination scheduling process is staggered by age groups, having started for users aged 80 or over and is currently being done for people between 70 and 79 years old.

Vaccination against influenza is recommended, according to the DGS, for those aged 65 or over, children aged six months or more who have associated chronic pathologies, the chronically ill, immunocompromised and pregnant women.

The vaccine against Covid-19 is aimed at people aged 60 and over; pregnant women aged 18 or over, people aged 12 or over with risk pathologies, students in clinical internship, firefighters involved in the transport of patients and professionals from prisons.

The DGS says that this autumn-winter vaccination campaign aims to protect the most vulnerable population, preventing serious illness, hospitalisation and death, and is expected to last until December.