According to a study by Holidu, based on phrases typically used in the search for new experiences of life abroad, the results found that Lisbon was considered the tenth most attractive city in Europe for foreigners to live in, accounting for 2,500 average monthly searches across the globe.

The mild climate, gastronomy, safety, beaches, green landscapes and Lisbon monuments help explain these results. And a recent study by idealista corroborates them: the municipality of Lisbon was the most sought after by foreigners to buy a house in Portugal in the second quarter of 2022. The demand for houses to buy in the capital is particularly expressive by families from the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany and France, points out the same study published in July this year.

In addition to Lisbon, there are other urban centres that make up the top 10 cities in Europe that have most attracted foreigners to live, according to Holidu:

Edinburgh, UK (20,600 average global monthly searches)

Dublin, Ireland (17,570)

Barcelona, ​​Spain (12,000)

London, United Kingdom (10,650)

Berlin, Germany (5,150)

Paris, France (4,700)

Madrid, Spain (4,520)

Amsterdam, Netherlands (4,450)

Manchester, UK (3,200)

Lisbon, Portugal (2,500)