Association for Protection of Animals Algarve has two charity shops. One in Alvor, the other Silves, offering clothing, household goods and desirable items. They raise a necessary, steady income for their SNiP purposes. Although highly successful, the Spaying and Neutering Programme has a price tag. Vet’s bills, post-care. Re-homing, feeding.

Jenny Clarke, APAA’s president, pondered whilst preparing a batch of preserves, that APAA needed ‘Pop-Ups’. A place where they could set up stall, attract the public, and promote their cause for paws. Abandoned animals are not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But they do constantly appear, in various shapes and sizes, needing care, surgery, the list is endless. Re-homing dogs is one of their main priorities. Keeping feral cats to a minimum where possible. Raising funds for felines and their cat colonies, is expensive. With much trepidation and planning their first ‘Pop-Up’ was launched at ‘Jolly’ Bar in Alvor, followed by ‘O Pescador’, Figueira and ‘O Tasco’ Senhora do Verde, which became a popular ‘Pop-Up’ haunt.

All venues, have good parking, snack or meal menus, a bar. Sounds too good to be true. Everything a shopper needs under one roof. Socialising of course is a boon, meeting and greeting old friends, making new ones.

There is always something for everyone. Whether it be homemade jams, preserves, or chutneys. Delicious shortbread cookies. A piece of jewellery, an ornament. And, now approaching Christmas, an early gift for the home. Something special for a family member or friend. A beautiful print, cards designed for APAA by Gill Goode. 2023 Calendars, sponsored by members with photographs of their beloved pets with words of praise from their loving owners. A beautifully crafted gift to last the year. Not just dogs and cats, a couple of chickens, ducks and geese thrown in. Oh! and Basil the guinea pig.

A random concept, starting with fayres, markets and circus events. Continuing into modernity, one such famed ‘Ritual Expo’ invented by an entrepreneur in Los Angeles in 1997. So, it can’t be a bad idea after all.

Next APAA ‘Pop-Up’ at ‘O Pescador’ Figueira is on Saturday 22 October from 12pm until 3pm. Followed by ‘Jolly’ Bar at Alvor on Wednesday 2 November from 11am until 3pm. ‘O Tasco’ Senhora do Verde on Thursday 10 November from 12pm until 3pm. Christmas Special at the ‘Holiday Inn’ Armação da Perá on Tuesday 15 November.

For more information, please email Jenny at, visit or alternatively search ‘APAA Portugal’ on Facebook.