The Floral Affairs “began as a store selling flowers and plants”, Débora Pinguinha, founder of the establishment, told The Portugal News. The store opened on 25 January 2022, at Rua de Santa Catarina, in Porto. However, on 1 July 2022, it also started to provide “Hotel & Hospital” services for plants.

A growing passion

The founder of the innovative project reveals that she has been passionate about plants since she was very young. She recalled that before celebrating her 14th birthday, she asked for flowers as a gift. The request was fulfilled in a triple dose, her mother, best friend and neighbour offered flowers to Débora, who lined them up next to her bed and enjoyed them whenever she could. Later, she took a Communication Design course, however, the literature on botany interested her more than the books related to her field of study.

The idea of ​​opening the store, according to Débora Pinguinha, came about after she became a mother, which stimulated “the desire to remain free from meeting schedules after maternity leave”. With a project of her own, she could more easily combine managing work with time for personal activities. In this context, she worked on her “old dream of working with flowers and plants”. In its branches, it uses “organic, biodegradable, compostable and sustainable materials”, always keeping in mind the minimisation of polluting materials. Anyone who purchases flowers at The Floral Affairs will have a final product free of “plastics, aerosols, glitter, pearls, wires or other artifices”. In the store, bouquets can be purchased for the most diverse occasions, such as baptisms, weddings and funerals. In addition, Débora Pinguinha revealed to The Portugal News that she has partnerships with the local community, as in the store there are only 100 percent organic vases, “developed and produced by a neighbouring engineer”, as well as handmade ceramics and handmade candles, made from beeswax.

Hotel and Hospital for plants

The idea of creating a space where people could leave their plants came after the founder of The Floral Affairs saw a dog walking in front of her store. At that moment, she realised that there are alternatives for pets when their owners go on vacation, however the same did not happen for those who were away from home and away from their plants.

In this context, interested people just need to arrive at number 890 Rua de Santa Catarina in Porto with their plants. After the plants arrive at the store, a check-up is carried out with your caregiver, the first day is reserved for diagnoses of care that may be necessary, such as pruning and nutrition at the Hospital. When the plant is brought, the caregiver is given “a prescription of care valid for three months”. The first day of care costs €2.50 at the hospital. The stay from the second day onwards starts at a daily cost of €1.

In addition to all the care available in the store, Debóra Pinguinha also offers a Plant Sitting service, where she provides basic care and maintenance to potted plants “in houses, hotels and offices in Porto”.


Débora Pinguinha told The Portugal News that the demand for floral works “has been growing”. The Hotel & Hospital project has also been very well received by those who appreciate plants and understand the usefulness of the service.

The owner of The Floral Affairs also feels that her idea is already starting to inspire other people in the same field.

Social networks

Social networks are an important tool for The Floral Affairs project. Débora Pinguinha says that she shares her work and services on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, social networks work like a diary where she records “experiences, experiences, stories and hugs”.

Débora Pinguinha's work can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @thefloralaffairs. Reservations can also be made by email: or by calling 918 604 870.


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