According to a report by Money Transfers, her resignation makes her the shortest-serving PM in recent history and brings to light some other interesting statistics about what lasts longer than 45 days on average.

For instance, a bottle of champagne can stay unopened for up to two years, while a block of cheese can last up to six months.

So far, the current government has outlived a carton of eggs (three weeks) and a bunch of bananas (four days). We’ll have to wait and see how long the new administration lasts - but one thing is for sure: it won’t be as long as a stick of gum!

Things the Government Didn’t Out Last

  1. A bottle of unopened champagne - Av lifespan 2 years
  2. A block of cheese - Av lifespan 6 months
  3. A can of soup - Av lifespan 2 years
  4. A jar of peanut butter - Av lifespan 3-4 months
  5. A box of cereal - Av lifespan - 3 months
  6. A container of yogurt - Av lifespan 2 months (if frozen)
  7. A package of bacon - Av lifespan 2 months (if frozen)
  8. A stick of gum - Av lifespan - up to 1000 years

Two things Liz Truss did outlast:

  1. A box of eggs
  2. A bunch of bananas

"Whilst this news will be unsurprising to many, and markets have rebounded in the wake of the news of Liz Truss' resignation, it does suggest the public might have more luck putting their faith into perishables than politicians - particularly when looking for any long term economic stability (or at least knowing they can make a flatbread)." said Steve Rose, CEO of, an online money transfer service that helps people send money abroad quickly and securely.