In a statement published on the municipality's website, the council states that it “has taken the decision to temporarily close the indoor pool to the public” following positive results of the existence of Legionella bacteria".

It is "a microorganism present in nature throughout the aquatic environment, and the species 'Pneumophila' requires special care", explained the municipality.

The municipality said that it carries out “regular self-control analyses and physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, carried out by certified external entities”, within the scope of the usual “preventive procedures and with the permanent objective of ensuring the best quality of equipment and services provided”.

“These results are public knowledge, and are posted at the reception of the complex”, reads the statement.

According to the municipality, the decision taken to close the pool “is due to the need to carry out a chemical and thermal treatment that does not allow the equipment to be open to the public”.

“It is recommended that pool users who have visited the facilities in the last 15 days remain alert for possible flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, chills or diarrhea”.

If such symptoms appear, these people "should, of course, turn to health services."

“Given the available data, it is considered that the situation is not alarming, however the municipality of Estremoz reiterates its full attention to this situation”.

Last week, in the municipality of Redondo, also in the district of Évora, Legionella bacteria was detected in the water of one of the spas in the town's sports pavilion.