Passport application


After hearing countless distressing stories of travel arrangements having to be abandoned or cancelled due to the delay of new/replacement passports being supplied on time, my story might bring a sense of hope to those about to embark on this venture.

On the 10th October, I applied online having had a digital passport photograph taken at a 'photographic shop' in Albufeira the previous day. Following this I received five emails from the Passport Office :

11 Oct . "Application received, send us your old passport" full address submitted and I sent my old passport by DHL .

12 Oct. Another request to send my old passport .

13 Oct ."We've received your old passport and will check your application and old passport".

24 Oct. "Your application has been approved and your new passport is being printed".

25 Oct . "Your new passport has been printed and sent by secure delivery . Your old passport will arrive separately and could take up to three weeks to arrive".

28 Oct . New passport received via DHL .

I think you will agree that that is very good service .

Barry H. Perry - Branqueira

Bank staff


Further to recent articles and letters, let’s spare a thought for bank staff today. Not only are their jobs threatened, but they also now have to be in-branch 15 minutes early each day, with weekly assessments, one hears, to practice their speed from desk to and from the back office, including rapid keypad-access. And then to rehearse the art of looking right through you and your pleading face as they whizz past. It’s a heck of a skill to perfect, as I surmised during my three hours wait for over two visits last week. I racked my brains to think of the word for this eye-avoidance, and the best I could think of was “Millenniuming” - or “Santandering” if you like. Not a very good word, eh? Suggestions welcome..!


Derek Searle - Aldeia do Golfe (Vilamoura)