Simply put, all expats relocating to Portugal are aware that they must find solutions in place to address their healthcare needs, whether they have insurance or not.

Health Insurance can be a key tool to help you finance your healthcare, however it doesn’t do enough for you other than offsetting the cost associated with accessing private healthcare providers.

is is when Serenity comes handy. Serenity provides medical concierge and clinical case management services, that can put you on the fast track and make your access to healthcare, physicians, exams and prescriptions, one less thing you have to worry about.

CEO and Managing Partner of Serenity, Michael Averbukh told The Portugal News, “Imagine you have a complicated mission to complete in a foreign city and you have a driver to take you around to various points in order to get it done. Insurance is the fuel you will need to get you to the places that you need to go, but how will you be sure you get to those places in the right order if you don’t know the area? Without an experienced driver, you’ll burn all your fuel, and you won’t get where you need to go.”

A decent, comprehensive health insurance will cost up to 2,000€ per year. For only a symbolic fraction added, you can use the fuel correctly as you can gain access to professional, personalized medical advocacy, guidance and assistance from the moment of your first symptom and until the full resolution of the medical situation, be it a common cold or a serious health condition.

Serenity’s clinical case management system allows you to call your Case Manager, ask for whatever advice you need, and get both assurance that your problem is being taken care of and confidence that your healthcare needs will be met by the right people in the right order, with zero time or money wasting.

All our Case Managers are registered nurses in Portugal, so they have the professional experience to analyze the clinical aspects of your problem. They are always backed by a group of carefully selected medical consultants”, says Dr. Averbukh.

After every medical encounter or procedure, you can present the report to the team and they would give their professional input; to understand whether the right diagnosis was provided or you might want to get a second opinion. If the need occurs, they can advise next steps, recommend options, and even schedule the next appointment for you.

We care dearly for the experience that our members are having with the healthcare providers. One should always be referred to a doctor that would hear and understand our client´s needs, will be able to explain and discuss the plan of treatment, and mainly create a feeling of trust. We are happy to have been able to create this network of reliable references.” Dr. Averbukh concludes.

Becoming a member of Serenity is a walk in the park. Whether adhering online or having a call with one of Serenity’s representatives, it´s a friction-free, rapid process after which and within 24 hours you find yourself in the trusted hands of your dedicated Case Manager.

The days of waiting and wasting time with your health are finally over. And it’s probably the best first euros spent in your ‘new home country’ Portugal.