The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s Spaying & Neutering Programme has become synonymous with their ‘Pop-Ups’. “Not only do we get a lot of new customers, but a lot of money towards SNiP” explains Jenny Clarke, President of APAA . “SNiP is for the abandoned animals, across the Algarve. Also, for the numerous Cat Colonies. All abandoned animals require help, of some kind or another. Mostly dumped by bins, or by someone else’s property.” A lot of work. “Not only do they need feeding, but care, specialist veterinary help. Expensive.”


As luck would have it, their partners in helping abandoned animals are Gary and Wendy from Pet Park. Now re-establishing the business side of things. “We have just extended the ‘cattery’ section.” They have seven of their own dogs. As well as five of APAA’s lodgers. “One of them, ‘Gee’ is the eldest lady she’s around 15.” Explains Wendy. ‘But the others are younger and all looking for re-homing.”. Both are avid animal lovers. “Two of them ‘Dusty’ and ‘Lilley’ are Podengo types. ‘Rafa’ is a German Shepherd Cross. He’s a bit of a character.” Wendy is smiling. “He follows me around when I am cleaning the kennels.” He’s grown into a really special chap. Good news. His counter-part ‘Sebby’ an older German Shepherd was recently re-homed to Rosalinde, Montes do Alvor. Check out your vacant space, room for a bed? Christmas is looming, and business is looking extremely healthy, as are the animals at Pet Park, who are offering a special deal, a ‘Care Day’. Owners can either have their pets collected and returned, or bring them in. Go off for a social day and then collect them. Ready for a good night’s sleep at home. Paws crossed that everyone at Pet Park gets a chance to be re-homed. Happily ever after. Nearly forgot ‘Nina’ an 8yr old cuddly beauty.

APAA’s Pop-Up scenario carries on with their 15th November hot date at the ‘Holiday Inn’ Armação da Perá. A table full of Christmas goodies by the kind permission of Jane Flanagan. “We are so glad to have these venues, such a positive turnout.” Jenny’s still on the look-out for more pre-Christmas happy places. “We will keep you informed, don’t worry!” Jenny has rushed off to sort out a new batch of 2023 Calendars hot of the press. Reliably informed, they are selling like hot-cakes. Excellent gifts. Good luck Jenny, Gary and Wendy and all the ‘pups’ at Pet Park. APAA: Info: Jenny